The haunted house

The haunted house:

In a dark stormy graveyard, there stood a very haunted house. It has a sharp broken windows, the tiles slid off the roof and the wood was black from fire. You could hear the ghosts looking for humans to scare. There were witches singing potions and the floor was creaky. The whole house smelt like raw flesh and blood.

I crept round the back to see if there was a window to peer through. As  I turned the corner of the massive house, I nearly jumped out of my skin. A bloody hand print, printed on the wall dripping onto the ground. I sprinted away as fast as I could but trying to as quiet as i could.

I tripped over what looked like a human bone. I looked up and in front of me was a grave. Jonathan wilbert 1928. I turn back, something grabbed my foot. I get dragged away. I clenched onto a root of a tree, but my hand slips. A shadow walks towards me on the cobbled old steps. It chucks me onto a patch of thorns, jabbing me while I let out a squeak. The pain.

Something pinches my shoulder. I try getting up. I’m get pinned down. OUCH! I get lifted up again and I try wriggling out of his pale white arms. He squeezes me as tight as he could. Something runs down my leg. Oh no! He squeezed me so tight, I think I just peed my pants. The shadow got a good whiff of the stink, and it drops me. How embarrassing. I ran off into the dark forest. Never to be seen again.

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