It’s me!!!


Hi, my name is Acacia, as you might already know, and here are some things about me:

My hobbies: This year I am playing netball in the grade 6 team. I like to draw things such as people and flowers. I also like gymnastics, and I think I am pretty good at it. My favourite trick is a backflip. My favourite thing to do at school is to hang out with my friends, and I am starting to like maths.

What I would like to be when I’m older: When I’m older I would like to be a photographer and a tattooist. I would like to be a photographer because I think that I am pretty good at taking photos of things, such as flowers. I would like to be a tattooist because I like drawing as I said before and I think I am a good drawer.

This year in grade 6 I would like to do more long division and long multiplication. I would also like to read more good fit books and write more poems. The books I am interested in are historical fiction because I like going on the adventure with the author and it gets me into the land of books. My favourite authors are Morris Gleitzman, Andy Griffiths and R.L stine, because it gets me hooked into the book and it entertains me.

Other stuff: I have 6 people in my family plus 1 guinea pig, 1 budgie and 2 fish. My favourite superhero is batman, and I love MINIONS!!!

That’s all about me and I hope you got a little bit of information in it.                                                                                            Peace out.✌️

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